Japanese Lantern

Steven Meyers

Botanical Radiographs

My introduction to the photographic process began in 1971 when I began formal studies for radiological technology. I have made my living creating radiology based images in the diagnostic medical setting for the last 30 years. Around 1975, I began experimenting with making x-ray photographs of flowers and other objects mainly out of curiosity. There have been a few other x-ray art photographers over the years, with the earliest floral radiographs made around 1914. Most hospital diagnostic x-ray equipment is much too powerful for recording delicate flower details.

Negatives are made generally on 8 x 10 or 10 x 12 inch x-ray film or a graphic arts film like Kodalith for higher contrast. Much like a photogram, the subject is placed directly on the film and then exposed with a very fine and focused x-ray beam instead of light.