Roswell's Barn

Paul Wainwright

Empty Spaces

As companies phase out black-and-white film and papers, Paul Wainwright's hand-crafted, large format prints evoke a sense of quietness and contemplation. What was once the mainstay of early photographic masters, he creates limited-edition, selenium-toned, silver prints from 4 x 5 negatives which may soon come to be viewed as an "alternative process." Wainwright's skilled images demonstrate why devotees of traditional photography have yet to proclaim it a dying art.

The artist generously donated a print of Roswell's Barn to Photomedia Center's permanent print collection.

I am inspired by the diaries of my great grandfather, who was the paymaster at a mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and who predates me by about a century. I never knew him, but I am fascinated by the differences – and similarities – of life from that age to the present.

I am drawn to photograph the spaces – mostly interiors – of the historic structures that surround me in New England. I feel a presence when I am in these places – not in a spooky way, but in a mysterious and wonderful realization that life is a continuum. I am impressed with the textures of these spaces, and the way that light interacts with them.
— Paul Wainwright