INSIGHT 6: The New Storytellers is now available

Volume 6 of INSIGHT magazine is now available. To increase the reach of our annual magazine, we're now offering volumes through HP Magcloud. You can download this issue free or help support our mission by purchasing a print copy for $10.

Contemporary still photographers fix on paper and other digital media what narrative and oral storytellers have done for centuries. In a single frame, they must convey a wealth of information for the viewer to understand the world presented. The four young artists included in this volume ask us to bring our own experience to their works and to explore each piece's symbolism. Get lost in the fleeting moment unraveling in front of our eyes, captured purposefully and engineered to make a lasting impression.

Volume 6 includes work by Brooke Shaden, Satomi Shirai, Kyle Thompson, and Jon Jacobsen. Each feature is complimented by written text that places each artist's work in context. Also included is an original poem "Itch" by David C. Ward to accompany one of Shirai's works.