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Julie Blackmon

Domestic Vacations

Blurring the line between fiction and autobiography, Julie Blackmon's photography explores the wonder found in daily life. The constant chaos of a household full of children and the need to escape is ever present. By fusing the real and the imagines, Blackmon shows us that sometimes the best vacations are the ones not far from home. More of Blackmon's work can be seen in Volume 3 of INSIGHT, along with an exclusive interview.

I am the oldest of nine kids. Growing up in that kind of environment with all those
siblings, well, it just seemed like a terrible thing at the time. It was embarrassing, in
some ways, because my mom was always pregnant or nursing, and no one else had that many kids in their family. Every minute of every day was crazy and chaotic, for example, absent father much of the time, kids crying.

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