Jason King

Starlight Meadows

What if, as Philip K. Dick says in "How to Build a World That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later," god one day stumbled upon a world that wasn't quite real and is slowly, eternally engaged in the process of transmuting it into something real? Which, I think, is exactly what every creator does when they develop an idea. They slowly labor to make it real. In that sense, Lot 49 Block J presented itself at an opportune moment. Forty acres of farmland, house, outbuilding -- perfect. I had everything I needed to build a world.

Starlight Meadows is designed as a story and a puzzle both for me and for anyone that interacts with it. There is also a performance element to it that exists both within the frame and within the context of the internet. People are witnessing the first telling of the story with me as I tell it. I am not working in isolation; I'm running dailies for anyone who wants to take a peek. The story I am telling myself is ostensibly a story about an imaginary world populated with people that appear half-animal, like a primitive mythology. The world is a monad, a black box, everything in it is necessary and sufficient and when enough of it is there, it takes on a life of its own.

If a Tree Falls

Sometimes I wonder if I created the characters or if the characters were already here and I just gave them the masks.
— Jason King

We Do Not Torture People