The Holga Show

Before there was Instagram, there was the Holga — a cheap camera, made of plastic with a plastic lens. To keep light from leaking in, you had to tape it everywhere. But when the conditions were right, in the hands of a skilled artist, who has trained their eye, it is capable of producing something magical. We made an open call for artists working with the grandfather of hipster equipment, and were stunned with the response. People who work with this tool are very passionate about it. And once we saw the results, we fell head over heels in love with it too. We present the full gallery of images that appeared in our first Holga show, which was so popular, it spawned two sequels. We joined with Light Leaks Magazine, a publication dedicated to the art of the "toy camera," to give away subscriptions and awards for the best entries. Over fifty artists were chosen to show work. Something that became a hallmark of the show each year going forward was asking selected artists to donate a print of the work to our permanent collection. Most did, and you can see why they are among our favorite pieces.