Holga Show 2.0

The first Holga Show was such a success, we decided to go for a second round. In our sequel show of fine art photography produced from toy cameras with plastic lenses, thirty-seven images and one video by thirty-four artists were selected for exhibition from the entries received from our open call. Best of show honors were awarded to James Arnold, tread, Nicolas Bellion, and Kelsey Jarboe.

Participating artists included James Arnold, Rachael Ashe, Andre Bale, Christopher Jordan Barrish, Phil Bebbington, Nicolas Bellion, Nils Bergvist, Meg Birnbaum, Felicia Carpinella, Smith Chomdee, Anuwat Dejthumrongwat, Tony Fouhse, Sam Grant, Warren Harrold, Dania Heller, Kelsey Jarboe, David Levy, Louviere+Vanessa, Eddie Mallin, Tim Mitchard, Thea Napa, Susan Lirakis Nicolay, Kaesinee Ongksirimemongkol, Rebecca Pendel, Sherry Phungprasert, Jason P. Potter, BK Skaggs, Rachel Staggs, Gordon Stettinus, tread, Yaniv Waissa, Shannon Welles, Eddie Wexler, and Russell Wieland.