Greg Britton

Public Spaces, Private Moments

After a trip to Prague in 2008, Greg Britton's attention was drawn to the ways in which people are capable of  finding isolation and privacy in public spaces, particularly when one feels safely away from others and the mind has the ability to relax into a less self-conscious state. As the subject is unaware of being observed, he or she may tend to feel detached or invisible in their public surroundings. For the individual, it is just a brief sliver of time passing before being pulled back into flow with their counterparts. This is the moment Greg Britton seeks to document.

After Prague, Britton kept capturing these quiet moments in other cities such as Chicago and Milwaukee, shooting on film using a Holga as he has for over a decade. Britton writes: "People are sensitive to cameras and react when they see one. I've found it to be a generally inconspicuous camera. Because it is an unprofessional looking one, it allows me to record true reactions. Also, the image produced by the Holga has the sentiment of a fading memory because of its vignette and soft focus."