Tom Chambers

  Renaissance artists affirmed the transformational nature of light in their classical paintings. Italian masters such as Taddeo Gaddi and Giotto di Bondone of the Renaissance period painted breathtaking frescoes in which light created dramatic effects, which serve as the inspiration for Tom Chamber's luminescent images.

Following recent travels in Italy, I was awed by the metaphysical nature of Tuscan and Ventian light. The unique light accentuated the brilliance of the Renaissance artistic and architectural masterpieces. I came away with the understanding that light exposes possibilities and opens the mind to seeing things differently.
— Tom Chambers

Illumination, a series of photomontages, illustrates stories about personal beliefs and seeing things in a different light.

Pennants Over Pienza, 2010

Annunciation, 2010

Pieta, 2010

Autumn Moorage, 2010

Vissi D’amore, 2012

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