Ellen Jantzen: Transplanting Reality, Transforming Nature

Ellen Jantzen has been an artist involved with Photomedia Center since our earliest days, participating in several Open Exhibitions over the years. So it's perfectly serendipitous that she is the first artist inducted to our new Contemporary Imagemakers program. We're excited to share a few pieces from her new body of work: Transplanting Reality, Transforming Nature.

The natural world has often been a fixture of Jantzen's images, and trees have largely been an essential component, as essential as they are to our life by replacing the oxygen we need to breathe.

Forests and trees have also played a prominent role in many folktales and legends and have been given deep and sacred meanings. They are seen as powerful symbols of growth, decay and resurrection. But, with the depletion of forests and the resulting impact on humankind, how we respond will determine our future.
— Ellen Jantzen

In this series, Jantzen explores environmental issues and concern by transplanting replica trees into the natural world. These ghostly artificial apparitions are spirits beckoning us to notice the transformation of nature happening before us.


View more of Ellen's work at ellenjantzen.com.