Adrienne Defendi

Today we post two works in our collection from Adrienne Defendi, who has been selected to participate in several of our juried shows over the years, including the 2007, 2008, and 2009 Open Exhibitions. The works today include Defendi's first piece featured with us from our first Holga Show and also her most recent piece exhibited with us from the 2011 small works show. My Universe was awarded Best of Show for Black and White works. You can look forward to seeing Adrienne's work featured at Photomedia Center in the upcoming year.

My Universe

Eternal Return

Tricia Zigmund

Today we feature two pieces from Northwestern Pennsylvania native and Edinboro University alum Tricia Zigmund. Both beautifully haunting pieces were donated to the collection by the artist. Zigmund's images explore pain and affliction through performance, reconstructing and documenting these incidents which result in the the still image.

In the Context of You


View more of her work at

S. Gayle Stevens

As our last Open Juried Exhibition small works. at Glass Growers Gallery showed, good things can come in small packages. In terms of size, the title for the smallest work in the collection goes to S. Gayle Stevens' Scapes

Scapes (2009)

Included in our Holga 3.0 Show, this photograph is a tintype measuring 2.5" square. Holding it in your hands, looking into it's murky surface, and feeling the weight of the metal reminds us why these small pieces made with alternative processes are still so alluring. Knowing how integral the hand of the artist was to making it and how essential its medium is to its success reminds us of what is sometimes lost to digital photography.

Kerry Stuart Coppin

In 2008, Kerry Stuart Coppin made a generous donation to the collection — eight prints from his Materia Oscura / Dark Matter series that was exhibited online with Photomedia Center. Much of that show featured images from his travels to Dakar, Senegal. Below are three of the prints from his donation that we are proud to share from the collection.

In My Father's House (2001)

Untitled: Street Vendor (Posters of the President) (2001)

Untitled: Girl with Brothers and Sisters (2001)

Beth Dow

Over the years, we've acquired pieces mainly through gifts by the artists themselves or outright purchases of works. In 2008, Beth Dow's Passage, Levens Hall arrived in the collection through the latter.

After being featured in Volume 4 of INSIGHT magazine, we decided to add a small print of hers by purchasing through Jen Bekman's 20x200. As our budget for collection purchases is limited each year, we must add pieces thoughtfully, so the 20x200 site is a great way to enhance our holdings. Showing that owning and collecting art can be affordable and still support working artists is one of the things we love about the site.

Passage, Levens Hall (2003)

From her In the Garden series, this image was shot south of London. Guiding the viewer's eye with shape, form, and texture, Dow is in many ways a gardener herself by meticulously composing a landscape of light and shadow without color. She notes: "Gardens attempt to control and dominate nature, but nature resists—it bolts, leans and withers, and isn’t as malleable as we pretend."

See more works from her In the Garden series, in Volume 4 of INSIGHT, the landscape issue.

It all started here.

Photomedia Center's permanent collection began with its first purchaseEquilibrium, by Louviere+Vanessa. It was the Purchase Award from the 2004 Open Juried Exhibition. In its small way, the collection not only documents the range of artists who've shown with us throughout the years, but also directly supports working artists as funds are available. 


Adding new pieces each year from our juried shows honored our commitment to purchase works from participating artists. Regularly on this blog, we'll highlight pieces we've previously acquired and the new ones that continue its growth. Some prints were gifts of the artists, others purchased outright — all illustrate the high caliber of work we've supported for nearly a decade.