Untitled #3

Brian Buckley


Photograms are cameraless photographic images, printed in the darkroom with traditional processes, a welcome alternative to lens-based and digital images that we immediately think of when we hear the word photography.

Buckley creates abstract light drawings with Polaroid type 809 color film, often a product of multiple exposures. After arranging various-sized glass filters or other organic material on the surface of the film in complete darkness, he then exposes it to light and processes the film. The results are a blend of soft shapes and luminescent colors which move across the surface of the print with depth and fluidity. Each photogram is a unique 8 x 10 original. The artist makes two larger sizes available by making high-quality scans and C-prints at 20 x 24 and 30 x 40.

As of 2008, the film used in Buckley’s photograms is no longer available. Polaroid Corporation has discontinued manufacturing its instant film. Buckley and artists like him have had to seek out alternatives as digital imaging pushes film from its previous place of prominence.