Erin Malone

2010 Open Juried Exhibition

Juror: David Bram

From an open entry process, Fraction Magazine's David Bram selected the work of 22 artists work for inclusion to our seventh annual show. Erin Malone's Borderline was selected as the Photomedia Center Purchase Award for addition to the permanent print collection.

Complete list of participating artists includes: Keonna Boone, Alexandra Buhl, Jeff Chaffee, Joy Christiansen Erb, Alexander Diaz, Estelle Dougier, Benjamin Espey, J.M. Golding, Camden Hardy, Ellen Jantzen, Ky Lewis, Susan Lirakis, Erin Malone, Muema, Toni Pepe, Maggie Percell, Zoe Perry-Wood, Shawn Robinson, Fabien Seguin, Matilde Soligno, Bill Vaccaro, and Kristin L. Ware.